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About Me:


I love to dance.

And I believe that dance has the power to change lives. With regular practice, I find that dance can bring greater balance, alignment, awareness, strength and self-confidence right out of the studio and into every area of one’s life.

img_4566-pixlr-border-web-sizeBelly Dance is special for me. Even though it’s not my primary movement form, it’s one that I continue to enjoy studying for pleasure and teaching for fun.

I’ve had a lifetime of dance training, teaching, choreographing and performing. Much of my professional career was in the realm of modern and post-modern dance, with healthy doses of ethnic flavors and avant-guarde sensibilities. Today, I would say that ballet remains a comforting technical foundation for me to return to, but I will always prefer the energy of movement forms that speak of freedom in the body and improvisational expression from the heart.

Dance is part of my soul’s calling.

And Belly Dance keeps me on my toes! I started learning it later in life, purely for myself. I fell in love with its playful precision, its sensual invitation, and its ecstatic rhythms.

Later on, during a time in my life when I couldn’t do any athletic dancing or strenuous exercise due to various lower-body injuries, Belly Dance also kept me sane and kept me moving!

These days my body craves gentle and continuous healing. I find that Belly Dance strengthens my pelvic floor and abdominal muscles in just the right way to support my torso and upper body with great freedom of motion.

Belly Dance lifts me up in every way, and I hope it can do the same for you!


♥  Sandra