A Graceful Bow

For 14 months, I taught Belly Dance here in Binghamton, right out of my living room. But life changes, things unfold, and movement happens.

I am not, right now, where I was when I first started this project in October 2016. It’s been a useful journey, full of learning, overcoming obstacles, and discovering my edges.

A winter break led right into some very difficult health challenges, as if planned all along by the Uni-Verse… a nudge, as if to say, “Now is the time to bow out.”

Dancers are not good at knowing when to quit dancing. We are, as a tribe, notorious for pushing the envelope of just how many athletic years we can wring out of our bodies… and then some more.

But it’s time for a long pause… or perhaps retirement!

It’s been an honor and a pleasure to meet so many women who love dancing as much as I do… and enough so to keep at it well into middle age and even old age! Thank you for participating in class!

I hope you keep moving your bodies and find other ways to do so… from NIA to Zumba, adult ballet class to swimming… the options are endless and diverse.

I am taking at least one year away from dance, just to focus on healing my feet and detoxing my body. So this website will be inactive for a while… or maybe forever?

We’ll see what life brings!

My body, mind and spirit are eternally grateful to you who passed through one of my classes. I hope you’ve been able to take what you’ve learned with you, right into your own daily life. The magic of a little bit of Belly Dance — even if only every once in a while — is a more fluid body, a happier mind and a brighter spirit.

Shimmies and Sunshine to You!!

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