The Beginning of a Tradition at Binghamton Belly Dance

My relationship to this home-grown project of teaching Belly Dance and Embodiment for Women has developed… well, Slowly.

At first, it was an experiment and I wasn’t at all sure about it. I mean, I was on my own healing journey, my body felt completely broken down, and I could barely handle teaching a single class a week.

The level of toxins and heavy metals that my tissues and organs were expelling in just 60 minutes of Belly Dance was enough to send me crawling to bed for 3 days straight. This is not an exaggeration!

But it got better.


The feedback I received from students was encouraging and kept me going. I prepared as best I could, one class at a time. I showed up each time with my body in its full all-aches-&-pains-glory, a smile in my heart (and face), and the determination to put my lifetime’s worth of teaching skills to good use.

It was the best thing I could’ve done for myself. And as it turned out, it was also one of the best things I could’ve done for my community…

Recently a beautiful older woman approached me with interest in my classes and a surprising list of issues with her own body: frustration with physical changes related to age, hatred of the torso (and belly), and deep emotional discomfort with being fully in her body.

I understood.

The journey of reconnecting with my own physicality, re-empowering myself, re-claiming my capacity to dance, and stepping once again into the role of wayshower for presence in the body… well, it has been both super tough and incredibly transformative!

So with full conscience of what the hurdles and rewards of dancing entails… and with true awareness of what diving into 60 minutes of Belly Dance can do for a woman…

I invite you to try it out once, no strings attached, at my seasonal open class. This only happens 3 times a year, so I encourage you to take advantage of it.

Details follow below. Space is limited, so please reserve your spot through one of these links:

Thank you for being here!

And if this class feels right for you, then I hope to see you there!

::     ::     ::

Beginner’s Open Class

Date:   September 14, 2017  (Thursday)

Time:   5:00 – 6:00 PM

Location:   Binghamton Belly Dance

Suggested Donation:   $10



Experience Belly Dance in a safe environment, with women who (just like you) wish to deepen into their own self-awareness, claim the power of their feminine expression, and open to the flow of life through the physical temple body.

This class is about learning to dance while moving gunk out of our chakras, aligning ourselves with our own sovereignty, and building authentic self-confidence at a cellular level.


A Testimonial

“I have never had a dance class before. Sandra made me feel welcome and comfortable. Our class had a wide range of skill level and her ability to break movements down for students of each level was impressive. Her choreography was fun — I really enjoyed the movement! We had laughter but no embarrassment, good exercise with attention to each person’s well being. I look forward to more classes!”


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