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Holistic Wellness for Women

The healing power of dance brings people together to celebrate life, to align the body with its natural state of health, and to connect us to our own inner wisdom and divine source.

The mission of Binghamton Belly Dance is to build community around dance, the creative power of feminine self-expression, and the spirit of physical health and well-being. ♥

Anyone can learn to dance, have lots of fun in the process, and enjoy some great exercise without even trying to break a sweat.


Belly Dance feels great at every age, with any level of knowledge, and on all shapes and sizes.

I’m a long-time dance teacher who fell in love with Belly Dance in 2001. My approach is gentle on the body, empowering for the mind, and very freeing for the feminine spirit.

I teach out of my home studio, located at the east edge of Binghamton near Windsor in Southern Tier NY.

Please take a look at my current offerings.

Or ask me a question anytime.

Thank you for your interest in moving your body through the sacred art of Belly Dance!

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